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從 Ghost 搬來 Hugo 後, 終於更積極地回歸 blog 了… 今天要來立下學 golang 的 flag 😂

作為新手, 條列一些觀察與期許


  1. Profile: Data Engineer
  2. Jobs
    1. Deliver data to value by designing and implementing data pipeline
    2. Maintain operations and continuously improve service levels


  1. Master 1 programming language to better understand the mechanism and principle of Dev & Ops .
  2. Manage Ops in software engineering way like class SRE implements DevOps.


  1. 2021-08 Complete Go by Example and get familiar with VS Code extensions.
  2. 2021-09 Setup lightweight web server with modern frontend and backend framework to handle form input, api and authentication.

More about Why Golang

  1. Statically-typed

先前是寫 Android 起家, Java 有許多為人所詬病之處, 在 java 8 之際有嚐到一點 lambda 的甜頭, 可惜來不及參與到 Kotlin 的盛況就跑去做 Data Engineering 了 😂. 但是也發現自己還是鍾情這種 Statically-typed 的性質. 以下這段可以說是深得我心: A Data Engineering Perspective on Go vs. Python (Part 1)

When Go was designed, Java and C++ were the most commonly used languages for writing servers, at least at Google. We felt that these languages required too much bookkeeping and repetition. Some programmers reacted by moving towards more dynamic, fluid languages like Python, at the cost of efficiency and type safety. We felt it should be possible to have the efficiency, the safety, and the fluidity in a single language.

  1. DevOps Friendly

加上做資料分析, 監控等也一陣子了, 都能看見 go sdk 在各種主流框架的支援快速竄起, Kubernetes, Prometheus, Grafana 等. Why Golang is DevOps' Top Programming Language in 2021 這支影片裡的論點直接打中我: “executable binary”. 光是不用解 library dependency 就絕對足夠在 DevOps 混雜的環境中生存了 🤩

Go Training

VS Code Extension

Gin & Frontend



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  1. 2021-07-17 Golang Learn
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