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從 Ghost 搬來 Hugo 後, 終於更積極地回歸 blog 了… 今天要來立下學 golang 的 flag 😂

作為新手, 條列一些觀察與期許


  1. Profile: Data Engineer
  2. Jobs
    1. Deliver data to value by designing and implementing data pipeline
    2. Maintain operations and continuously improve service levels


  1. Master 1 programming language to better understand the mechanism and principle of Dev & Ops .
  2. Manage Ops in software engineering way like class SRE implements DevOps.


  1. 2021-08 Complete Go by Example and get familiar with VS Code extensions.
  2. 2021-09 Setup lightweight web server with modern frontend and backend framework to handle form input, api and authentication.
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