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Continuing previous post: Agile Life, let’s dive deeper into a series of ITSM methodologies and products proposed by Atlassian, with a view to applying them in work and life to further enhance productivity and narrative skills.


  1. Profile: Data Engineer + Operations Administrator
  2. Jobs
    1. Provisioning and troubleshooting data pipeline, visualization and monitoring
    2. Collaborate with other developers and administrators
  3. Pains
    1. Repeated or similar questions
    2. Long communication time to do situation analysis
    3. Hard to find thorough SOP or agile workflow
    4. Hard to prioritize ad-hoc tasks
  4. Gains
    1. Single source of truth
    2. Organized knowledge base, working documents
    3. Unified way to handle similar incidents


  1. Build smart and modern IT Service Management and cultivate mindset with team


  1. 2021-08 Learn from all Atlassian ITSM topics and whitepapers
  2. 2021-08 Establish Knowledge-Centered Service for users
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