Elevator Pitch


行之有年的 elevator pitch, 概念易懂, 卻需要有意識地練習精簡表達.


  1. Profile: Personal Development
  2. Jobs
    1. Express ideas briefly
    2. Begin with the end in mind
  3. Pains
    1. Tend to explain too much detail
  4. Gains
    1. Template or framework to follow for thought


  1. Able to pitch ideas in (30s, 3min, 10min) depending on different scenarios.


  1. 2021-12 Consciously practice elevator pitch in every weekly meeting planning items
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Value Proposition


最近嘗試 Product Management 的概念套用在包裝日常工作內容

  • Full Scope Overview: 更清楚地規劃有哪些事情要做
  • Focus and Prioritize: 判斷優先順序, 專注在重要的事物上
  • Sense of Accomplishment: 更有成就感, 而不是渾厄度日, 被雜務塞滿

除了設定 OKR 之外, 先釐清 Value Proposition 會是一個好選擇

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OKR Weekdone


OKR 作為企業與個人的目標設定心法, 已經是當代顯學. 然而,

  1. 如何快速 思考/撰寫 良好/有效的 OKR
  2. 並持續追蹤, 確保自己在正軌上

是目前我將 OKR 運用在人生目標設定上, 遇到最大的難題.

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