2021 Agile Life


使用 Trello 做生活管理也好一陣子, 最近有些契機想嘗試 Jira Cloud 與其他的整合, 並更進一步練習 Agile. 雖然工作上也持續使用, 但總是得不到要領, 是時候下定決心好好練習!


  1. Profile: My Life
  2. Jobs
    1. Personal Development
    2. Get Things Done
    3. Discipline - Plan & Execution
  3. Pains
    1. Slipped: Schedule delayed or didn’t finished as expected
    2. Fast-paced: Things changes
    3. Lazy: Too much reference links/articles = Won’t read
  4. Gains
    1. Sense of Control
    2. Sense of Accomplishment: checklist check!
    3. Daily Report Visibility: 昨今阻 Plan/Actual


  1. Achieve easier to estimate and more precise life project management with time tracking report


  1. 2021-07 Improve time management (visibility > 80%) and improve productivity (+20%) by integrating Clockify + Jira.
  2. 2021-08 Get familiar with Jira integration and reports to get more insight.
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